Echoes of the past, projected into the future.

Welcome to a world that is familiar, but strangely different.

Earth had to expand, or explode. She was full to the tipping point, and folks couldn’t take it any more. Emergent technologies facilitated her off-world colonization, and gates were opened to new worlds, where colonies sprung up on every rock that had a compatible atmosphere and water. Our new homes weren’t necessarily nice, but they were better than the ashes we left behind. Life was hard on the new colonies, especially for the first few years. Many died. Some colonies disappeared without a trace, and those gates were closed forever. Others flourished after years of hardship and have become a viable home to thousands.

Then, the unthinkable happened. The gates back to Earth would no longer open. No one knows what happened to our primordial home, but deep inside, we knew that tragedy had overtaken her, and every colony wept for the fate of our brethren.

Life went on, some colonies

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Retro-futuristic campaign